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Well... that's just lame

2009-04-01 03:17:23 by Bobert-Rob

Go figure the April Fools joke this year would mess up any chance of seeing the new Siblings animation. Lame.

Well, for those who wish to see it today, you can either watch it on my website or on dA. Choose either.

For everyone else, wait... I guess. And here I thought it'd be a GOOD idea to wait for today to post such a ridiculous entree. I guess NG showed me a thing or two. Puh.

Well... that's just lame

Accepted entrees in the "Ananas collab"

2009-03-26 03:34:04 by Bobert-Rob

EDIT: I can't spell. Usernames fixed.

Hey guys, glad to say Araelyn and I have made our choices for who's in. All the accepted entrees will be getting pm's involving invites and notes about their ideas.

Before listing them, I'd like to thank everyone who submitted ideas. Thankfully there were a lot of potentially good entrees, so that's pretty awesome. Even if you didn't make it in, thanks for trying. I know obscure ideas tend to be hard to work with, but it'll be worth it, I swear.

So yeah, the list (in no particular order).


Thanks again to everyone who submitted ideas. You can continue sending ideas, I guess, but I won't accept them unless they're really good. I won't be taking anyone off the current list, so if I get good ideas from others later on, then I'll just put them in the credits or something.

Accepted entrees in the "Ananas collab"

I don't usually do front page posts. I try to refrain, as I figure I shouldn't make a post unless it's about something the general audience will care about. Well, I figure this is one of em', so here I go.

Me and Araelyn are starting a collab about an obscure tv show starring a creepy pineapple who teaches children french in a junk yard. Read a crap load of details about it here. I'm hoping for the best, but who knows. It is a super obscure idea.

And that... is basically all I got. Still working on animations, blah blah. Same old story, different day. Go about yer business.

Another drop in the collab bucket, eh?

A proposition. The unsexy kind.

2009-03-09 01:42:35 by Bobert-Rob

So like... I'm practically done with THATH. That shit I keep talking about. BUT I HAS A QUESTION. Or a proposition, as I worded it in the title. The title of this nifty little news thinger.

See, I don't want to release it yet. I done missed the original deadline and I know you guys are waiting for it, but... well, I want it to be the latest thing I've done for awhile. If I were to release it, say, Friday, what happens when the Street Fighter collab comes out? True, I have no idea if mine made the cut yet, but IF IT DOES, then it'll be the most recent thing on my list for a few months or so. I'd rather THATH be my most recent, as it's the best thing I've done thus far. Plus, it'd give me time to further better it and... well, procrastinate. Gotta love that slacking.

I know I'm asking a bit from you guys, but that's where I stand. Are you guys cool with waiting even longer for it? If I feel so inclined, I may release it on my website as an exclusive for awhile, then release it on NG when I feel the time is right. I want this to have the best possible chance to shine, afterall. It's all about strategy, or so I've come to believe.


PS: If I wait on releasing THATH, there's a small chance I'll release a short Siblings clip. No, not a mini-episode... just a stupid 30 second clip that I kind of find funny. Basically, Rob yelling and Johny getting annoyed by it. Exactly like that joke in Runesuck, but extended (in fact, that's exactly what it is). That isn't even finished yet, but I may finish it if I so feel like it. I offer you a screen from said short to rouse interest. or something.

A proposition.  The unsexy kind.

Well that was disappointing

2009-02-14 21:21:58 by Bobert-Rob

I worked like hell all day today, deprived myself of sleep (working on 27 hours, yay!), and I STILL didn't finish "THATH".


The real bitch is that it'd take maybe one more day of work and it'd be presentable. All I have to do now is audio editing, though everything is taking much longer than it should. I was even thinking about releasing a version of it today, one that is imperfect but gets the point across, fixing little things here and there and re-releasing it a few days later, but I couldn't even do that! Cursed flash... and my procrastination.

So yeah, THATH is officially late now. Expect it sometime within the next week. I guess it's better that I not release it today, the Valentines collab I was a part of is out now, so it's best not to compete with myself. Well, compete with a group, but I'm part of that group so it'd still be silly for me to do it all the same.

Damnit I need sleep. Woo. *goes driving*

EDIT: I said it'd take a day to make it look presentable. I've decided I want it to be fucking perfect, so I'm going to take my time and perfect it. There's no rush now, you see, no deadline. Don't expect it to be TOO late, though. No later than the first week of March, to be sure.

Well that was disappointing

THATH will probably be late

2009-02-09 13:43:22 by Bobert-Rob

Well, I'm FINALLY done with my two collab entrees that I was working on... but due to all that crap, "The Heart and the Hand" will likely not be ready by Saturday. I'm still going to haul ass and try to finish it as soon as possible, just letting you know to expect it to be late. Cuz it will be.

So no complaints about that, you've been warned. If you still bitch, I'll probably just bitch back cuz I'm like that. And don't bother asking about episode 6, it won't be here anytime soon. In fact, there's another time sensitive mini-episode idea I MIGHT JUST USE. JUST TO PISS YOU OFF. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Ah heh... heh heh... well, I find it funny, anyway. Then again, I'm kind of an asshole sometimes.

THATH will probably be late

So I've spoken on how I'm doing a part for a Valentines day collab (done, actually) and finishing The heart and the hand (less than 2 scenes to finish), right? Well, I'm pretty sure I've hinted at a possible third thing I might start on. Well, I'm more than half way done with it now, so I'm going to say I'm doing it. It's another collab entree, by the way. I know, three projects with deadlines close to the same time... why do I do this to myself?

Here's a look into the piece, though it really doesn't explain anything... unless you're familiar with the person with the red hair (it's pretty obvious if you're familiar with him at all). Then you might be like "HEY LOOK AT HIM, THATS WHAT ROBS DOING". It's practically done too, so yay for that. Now if only working on THATH wasn't so time consuming, heh.

/* */ I really don't have much to comment on.

I'm working really hard to finish the second half of THATH (the heart and the hand) so it'll be done in time for Valentines day, as well as finishing my collab thingamajig. There's also a possible third thing I may do if I have time for it, but who knows, right?


I sure don't.

Neither do you. Don't you dare claim you do, I'll not believe such lies. No one knows, that's the beauty of it. It's beautiful, apparently. Like CaveRob.

Now respond with yer random comments cuz you guys love to assume I like reading thoughtless responses. Cuz my humor is considered random regardless of the thought I put into it. *shrug* Guess it's better than nothing.

*gets back to work*

Now that THAT'S out of the way...

Get the funk out of my face

2009-01-12 13:56:23 by Bobert-Rob

Got my letter from the good ol' NG. You know, the 'hey, you got fifth place, thumbs up man' letter. Yep, good times.

One particular part of the letter caught my attention, though. A part where Tom's mentioning his work shirt and tie wearing habits to show the team he has big plans for this year... a year of big changes and whatnot.

...and what do we find on the front page? Shapes. lol

I know it's some kind of inside joke, but still... makes you wonder. Wonder if the whole shapes conspiracy is some kind of signal of the changes to come, them getting away with crap while they can, or just a simple joke of abusing their popularity, taking a small jab at the community. Yes, it's the latter. But it's fun to imagine it's more.

PSS: This picture means nothing.

Get the funk out of my face

New year. Woop.

2009-01-05 14:12:23 by Bobert-Rob

EDIT: Holy crap, tWHYlight got fifth place in the month! This is bloody awesome! I'd just like to thank, you know, Mr. Fulp for the frontpage, the fans who watched n' enjoyed, and the people who helped me make it. Yes!

Welp, happy new year. Yep, I'm a few days late. Look how much I care.

Although I am anticipating 2010. Why, you ask? It's because we'll finally be in a decade I can easily label. We had the 80's, 90's.... but this whole decade has been difficult for me to refer to. The 00's? The 2000's? It's lame as hell. I can't wait for the 10's to get here, it'll rule. And don't pull out that "WE LIVE IN THE FUTURE, SO WE CALL IT TWENTY TEN" bullshit.

Enough of that, though. I have something for you guys. Mainly the ones who kept asking me to spoon feed the location of all the secrets in tWHYlight. Yeah, I was waiting for it to get off the front page before I made the walkthrough. That way, only the obsessive fans will have access to it. I don't want to give it away to EVERYONE, that'd be dumb.

So go here to find the secrets...walkthough? I dunno what to call it. Secrets giveaway?

Also, I'm participating in another collab. I'm trying to get back into an animating mood so I can finish THATH in time, so I figure the collab will kick my ass in gear. Who knows, though.
And yes, this is a different collab than the other one I mentioned a few months back. This one actually has a deadline, whereas the one mentioned a few months ago didn't. I finished that one, like, super early.

New year.  Woop.