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WARNING: Animation release is imminent

2016-07-06 20:46:33 by Bobert-Rob

Hey!  Good news for a change.  I'm almost done with my first 3d animation.  Fun stuff, yeah.  Been a few months in the making, working on the system and bug testing the crap out of it.  I'm pretty stoked about this, as I've only been working on it for a few months.  It'll end up being about 5 or 6 minutes, I think.  Haven't been able to time it.

Anyway, expect a release of that soon.  Like in about a week soon.  Releasing it both on youtube and here.  Since it's 3D, it's going to be a video file only.  But newgrounds is cool with that these days, so no worries, eh?  Sucks that it won't have a scrapbook or any interactive goodies, but I plan on releasing another video that'll have whatever I would've included as extras in that anyhow.

See you then!

EDIT: Ok, so the week thing didn't pan out.  I will, however, be releasing this tomorrow.  Shooting for the afternoon, central time.


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2016-07-07 10:15:46



2016-07-07 18:25:41

Look forward to it! :D


2016-07-17 15:13:33

I'm just glad to see you're doing animations again, saw the recent one about Spike a couple months ago. I'm curious to see how this one turns out, and best of luck dude!