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Some me-related news before the year ends

2008-12-24 02:52:13 by Bobert-Rob

Before I get started, happy holidays. Also, this has rambling. Beware!

Welp, I'd say tWHYlight did well. Sure, certain people keep complaining about my apparently fast dialog (I'm too used to it to notice), the parody binge I've been on, all the screaming, or the fact that I'm not totally reinventing the series every couple of entrees I do. There's more critiques, I'm sure, but these are the ones that come to me first.

First of all, I'm comfortable with the current condition of the style. Regardless, I am actually improving it little by little, but it isn't as drastic as it was when I reinvented everything for episode 5. Plus, I don't really try much new stuff for mini-episodes. Most of the changes I make are only noticeable to me, anyway. Engine work, really.
Second, I like screaming. The next couple of episodes will involve a lot of it. Someone mentioned that the screaming loses its power after awhile. I personally find the screaming funny, so I'm gonna keep doing it. If you don't like it, too bad, it's been a part of Siblings since day one and it isn't going anywhere.
The only critique I agree with is the fast dialog. Sure, I never noticed it and I totally understand everything said myself, but I wrote the damn thing. I basically memorize it by the time I'm done making it, so it's never a problem to me. I'll work at making it slower, but I'm not going to totally take the fast speaking out since that's another thing I just find funny. Maybe watching too much Zim has messed me up or something... that show is notorious for having dialog that is spoken at the speed of light sometimes.

And those are my afterthoughts on that. I'm going to start working on the next part of 'The Heart and the Hand' soon. I have to get that one done by February. I can do it, I just gotta get going on it.

I've also updated the game at the website. Added a few more enemies and lengthened the level again. I gotta update the background and shit soon, as well as make more enemies. Still feels pretty empty and all. All in due time.


Okay, that's all my project news. Now for other news...
I recently got a XBOX 360 and I'm enjoying it. Mainly cuz of the games I downloaded on it... including Castle Crashers. That was one of the reasons I was psyched about getting the 360 at all. That game is damn awesome. Easy as hell, but still awesome. Can't help but feel like the levels could've been fleshed out more, but they put a lot of work into it, so kudos to them for that. It's awesome as it is. Now that I've beaten it, I gotta get back to playing Ninja Gaiden II... I'm only on the second level, heh. Damn me and my already busy schedule. And that game's insane difficulty... heh.

EDIT: While I do have a 360, I have satellite internet, so I can't play games online.

If you made it this far, congrats. You know all the stupid news on me up to now. Happy holidays, you bastards! ENJOY YOUR SHIT.

Some me-related news before the year ends

One more release on the pile

2008-12-12 21:43:08 by Bobert-Rob

Hey. Siblings mini-episode 3, 'tWHYlight'. Parody of some movie. Rob yells for awhile. Watch it or don't.

I stuffed it with secrets. Loads and loads. Huge scrapbook too, but you can only read it if you unlock the pages via secret split second buttons. And the secret skull unlocks 'version B', which changes how certain characters look. Gives Rob a Lincoln beard, for instance. Makes it more visually accurate, basically. I guess.

Cat's got my tongue.

One more release on the pile

tWHYlight preview on my website

2008-12-11 21:43:11 by Bobert-Rob

Hey guys. Now that I got my 41st post out of the way, I wanted to let you in on a preview of Siblings mini-episode 3, "tWHYlight". Yes, not the best name, but it'll have to do. It's better than the original name, "How Rob got tricked into watching Twilight". Yeah.

So yeah, the preview, I put it on my website. The 'preview' part is misleading since the cartoon itself is pretty much done. I still have to finish the main menu of it and redo some of the graphics here and there, but it's mostly done. I'll put it here on NG when I completely finish it, most likely in a day or two. Saturday at the latest.

So check it out if you don't mind spoiling it or whatever. It'll be on here soon enough, in completed fashion and all.

Watch it, and let me know what you think here. Oh, and feel free to give me constructive criticism if you want, though I don't want to spend too much more time on it, so keep revisions small.

tWHYlight preview on my website

As some may know, the number 41 has long been an important number to me. So of course I'd set aside my fourty first news post here as a special one, devoid of anything but praise to the conspiracy number.


41 - 41 - 41 - 41 - 41 - 41 - 41

Okay, I've got a bit of a predicament here, people. The aforementioned Siblings mini-episode 3 is almost done... but it's much longer than I assumed it would be. I added a scene with Johny at the end for a few extra jokes about the situation, and with all the scenes already in it, it's running at roughly 3 minutes in length. That's practically a full episode.

Here's the thing, though: I don't consider it a full episode. It was a very spur-of-the-moment kind of story and that has the feeling of a mini-episode. Of course, it's too long to really think of as a mini-episode, right? I mean, Runesuck (episode 1) is only like 2 minutes long. Sure, that's back before I knew how long a typical episode would end up being, but still...

I'm at a loss, peeps. Should I continue to refer to it as a mini-episode, or just make it a full episode due to length? I'm leaning toward mini-episode, mainly because the episode 6 I'm making now feels right as an episode 6. Making it episode 7 just messes up the order in my head, and I don't know if I'm cool with that. Gimme yer thoughts on it, would ya?

And a preview of version B (a version that will change Rob's facial hair), for the hell of it:

What exactly makes a mini-episode?





Of course, it should only take a week, so yeah. It'll end up being Siblings mini-episode 3, I guess, since it involves Rob. Johny doesn't show up in it, so it'll be the first Siblings episode that just revolves around one brother. Odd, I know, but it'll be alright. Incredibly half assed, yes, but it'll be funny. I think.

Game update. So soon?! This contains thoughts, too

2008-11-20 19:01:16 by Bobert-Rob

Okay, so I've been updating the game a fair amount. The game runs at 25 fps now instead of 20. It was 20 because that's what every Siblings episode has been since I started it. Of course, I think the game feels a lot better at this faster speed, so I think I'll keep it. What do you guys think? Same url,, so if you want to check out the slightly updated version you can. The new keys are 'Z' for attack, 'X' for jumping.

I'm also thinking of taking out the combo system altogether. Yeah, if you press Z with the right timing, it does a two hit combo sort of thing. I'm not really sure I want this to be a button mashing game, I'd like to put more strategy into it than that. So I'm considering making it so that different combinations of buttons can do different attacks instead. For instance, in the demo if you hold 'Up' and attack, Johny will strike upward instead of forward. Down + attack would become the lower attack, etc. I could always do both, of course. The Up + Attack combination works right now, so check it out and let me know.

EDIT: I've made the attack collisions transparent, perfected the jumping how I want it, and have added the jumping attack. And now the starting screen is full of evil bubbles to test these various attack styles. AAAAAH!

Game update.  So soon?!  This contains thoughts, too

I'm drowning in projects again, it seems. I'm going to verbally vomit more information, so I'll start with the most interesting shit first, I guess.

Basically, I started trying to make a new game a week or so ago. My past attempts in video game design would always be plagued with bugs I could never fix and were thusly abandoned, but I have high hopes for this new game due to it being a flash game. It's a Siblings game starring Johny. It'll be a typical side stroller akin to Castlevania in the sense that you primarily fight enemies and maybe a boring puzzle here or there. He uses a guitar axe as a weapon. Original, I know.
Anyway, I'm mentioning this because I'm hosting a gameplay demo of it at, so if you want to check it out, you may. I'll continually update it to fix stuff, so check it out once in awhile. I'll update it everytime I work on it at the end of the day. It's just a gameplay demo, so no story elements will be spoiled by trying it. Check it out and let me know what you think. I know it isn't much, but hopefully it'll become much better.

Episode 6 of Siblings hasn't been touched in awhile (about two scenes have been started out of 9 or so), I've made no progress with The Heart and the Hand p2 besides putting audio together for it, and I'm practically done with the collab entree I've been working on. Of course, who knows when the collab will be released, but I'll keep you updated as I get information on it.

Oh, and the video games video I mentioned in the past post hasn't really been started yet, but it'll probably be a series of three or so videos, each focusing on different game making programs I've used. I have no idea when it'll be done, but it'll happen I'm sure.

Stick a fork in me, I'm done. HARDY HAR AHR.

Verbal vomit; early game demo, lots of words, etc

Hey, what the fuck?!

2008-11-04 05:39:37 by Bobert-Rob

Don't mind the subject title, it didn't get the memo.

I'm considering doing a video reel that would involve all my past video game endeavors. Reason being, I spent so much time on so many of them and pretty much all of them will never see the light of day. Once in awhile I'll go through them and replay them, and sometimes I enjoy it. If only for nostalgia's sake.

It would be a youtube only video since it'll just be screen recordings, but I ask you anyway. I get more responses here than anywhere else, so why not. Would any of you care to see it? All of the games kind of suck, but I'd try to show the best footage of each. Footage of the gameplay, cutscenes from the game, and hell, maybe even a voiceover explaining the history behind the footage. It depends on what you guys want since it's really all for you anyway.

On the Up side, you get to see something you'd otherwise never bear witness to. A possibly interesting history into my failed attempts at video game design. On the Down side, it would likely take me a week or more to put together, and it wouldn't be much more than a history lesson about my past.

So, do you? Pic below contains graphics from various games I'd created, most being unfinished. All the super old games, more recent examples, etc. DO YOU WANT IT OR NOT, ANSWER ME.

Hey, what the fuck?!

Hey, all. I released a preview of Siblings Episode 6 on deviantArt and figured I'd let you know about it. I'd release it on NG, but... well, I only release complete things here. You can see it on my website as well if you don't want to mess with dA. Link to's preview.

I've also released a few half assed animations on my youtube account. I don't know if you knew about that. Maybe, but who knows. In any case, those videos were made specifically for youtube, so if you wanna see em', that'd be the place to do so. I wouldn't recommend it unless you're desperate for more by me, and even then it's just odd. If you want to know WHY I decided to waste a few days doing them, read all about it at this Link.

And that's all... I think. I dunno, I might think of more later. Lets hope not though, eh? I'm tired.

A preview of Siblings Ep. 6 or something