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ydaerla detuocs-nu neeb ev'I ahah

2009-06-22 19:13:04 by Bobert-Rob


yer speaking greek to me



Art portaaal

2009-06-18 23:31:37 by Bobert-Rob

Welp, they did it. They made that there art portal.

I went ahead and submitted like 5 things to it. I don't wanna whore EVERYTHING in one night, so I'll just release a few pictures a week until NG is caught up with all of my better art. You can see all of it on my dA page, of course, but NG will get the better ones soon enough.

This would usually be where I put some random drawing I've done lately, but... well, I just threw five of them up here. Go look at them if you want to see shit.

Internet's done being dead

2009-06-12 20:26:51 by Bobert-Rob

Welp, I'm back. I guess. I was barely gone two weeks, but HEY. SHUT UP.

Anyway, I was wanting to release a short stupid clip for a few weeks, but couldn't until the internet cleared up. Thanks to that being over, I've finally done just that.

I released it on youtube. I dunno, it's alright. It's from a collab that died, so it's just another parody skit... but it's not too shabby. Not great by any means, but I still think it's good in parts. So fuck it.

I just may release said video here once I get around to half assing a menu for it. Might not even do a scrapbook for it though since there's not much backstory to tell about it beyond the collab thing. I guess.

Oh, and the Ananas collab is going to be late still. Shooting for end of the month, but who knows.

Internet's done being dead

I disappeared for like two weeks

2009-06-09 14:49:32 by Bobert-Rob

Yeah, so for those of you who didn't know (Everyone except Araelyn), my internet died two weeks ago and I've been without it since. It's still dead, but I rigged a temporary solution so I can at least check on responses and messages and whatnot. I have no idea when I'll have full access again, but I'm hoping by the end of the week. Then maybe I can release something stupid and short while you all wait for the Ananas collab, which has yet to be completed. And will likely still not be complete until like the end of June? Or something? You know I've never been good with deadlines.

I sure like how that paragraph had like 50 different topics. Usually a paragraph should only have one and when that one's done, you switch to the next one. But if there's one thing you should realize by now, it's that I can't proofread worth shit.

But I'm rambling and the computer I'm on sucks, so I'll leave it at that. I'll give a better update when I have a better setup, bitches. Word.

EDIT: ...oh yeah, it was my birthday yesterday. I completely forgot about that. Gotta level up so my level matches my age again.

I disappeared for like two weeks

Uh oh

2009-05-18 19:51:38 by Bobert-Rob

Street Fighter collab is out. SHIAT.

Or if you can't watch the full thing (either due to the insane size or whatever), I posted the two parts I did on youtube. I highly recommend watching the full collab if you can, though, because it was really quite awesome. It's long, but I thoroughly enjoyed all parts of it. A very nice surprise, indeed.

For those that care, you can see me working on it in this youtube video. Well, sort of working on it. More like just messing around while making it, BUT ITS A POINT OF INTEREST TO THOSE WHO LIKE THINGS THAT MAKE NO SENSE.

Aaaaaand that's it. Bitch.

Uh oh

"Fresh Fish of DC" audio skit released

2009-04-25 19:28:27 by Bobert-Rob

Hey guys. Remember that script I was talking about that was going to waste? The one I said I felt bad about wasting cuz I liked it? Well, I decided to go ahead and record the dialog for it, edit it, and release it on the audio portal. If you want to animate to it, be my guest, just credit me as writer and audio guy. Or do whatever you want with it, really, just let me know. Feedback is cool.

But please note: I don't watch nearly enough political cartoons, so if any of the jokes have been done before, then it was unintentional. I don't believe they have been, but who knows. Politics IS a pretty popular topic for comedic writing. I know this is a completely unprofessional way of doing things, but you should know by now I'm a completely unprofessional kind of guy.

In any case, I'm done with thinking about that. Time to focus on other things on my plate. Hope you enjoy, but if not, then fuck it. I can't be bothered to care.

Also note that this isn't bitter in the slightest, I just noticed you guys were underwhelmed when I mentioned the idea, so you probably won't think it's very good either way. Maybe it is shit, I dunno. Again, can't be bothered to care, I do things how I feel like. Thankfully, that's seemed to work out thus far.


"Fresh Fish of DC" audio skit released

Like seriously

2009-04-25 04:16:09 by Bobert-Rob

You know?


I mean, really.

Not kidding there.

Ya got me?

Yeah, totally.

Lot to digest here. Take yer time.

Having all these damn ideas for animations is kind of annoying. Annoying in that the more I do, the more ideas I get, and eventually some are going to be wasted. I don't mind if it's a stupid idea, but sometimes potentially good ideas go to waste due to this.

Episode 6, "Don't Sleep, Robby!", has hit a bit of a snag. A lot of the dialog was written to be insanely complicated so it's all coming out sounding really bad. Mainly when it comes to Johny's lines... It's not his fault if I write dialog he'd never say, but it's hard to simplify the lines further. Kind of sucks... especially since a lot of the jokes in this are how complicated Johny's lines are. I'm also waiting for a friend to redo some lines, and... well, it'll be a long while before episode 6 gets anywhere.

Due to this, I've decided to start working on episode 7. It's the Spike episode I promised, and I'm really excited about this one. For one, no super complicated dialog, so it all sounds good and should be easy to redo any of it if I need to. Second, the script is actually relatively short (it'll probably be 3 minutes long), so the likelihood of this being complete sometime during summer is pretty good (if I work nonstop on it, anyway). Also, I think it'd be funny as hell to release it before episode 6. Sure, it'll annoy some, but I think I'm beyond caring. I mean, have you SEEN this?


Back to the topic of unused ideas, there's one idea that's going to the trash soon. This idea is one I was thinking of doing soon, but if I do episode 7 now, then I'll have no time to animate it. I'm tired of not getting any REAL episodes done, so I think I need to quit with the mini-episodes and refocus my energy on the main series before it stagnates too long.

So I'm at a loss for what to do with this idea. It would be mini-episode 4 and is a political episode. In fact, the ONLY political episode I'll ever do. It's an idiot's commentary on Obama, basically. I can't wait too long, as the script is written from the perspective of Obama being a relatively new president, so if I wait too long then I might as well forget it. But I don't want to do ANOTHER mini-episode and lose what steam I've got for episode 7.

I'm considering perhaps teaming up with someone for it. It's a mini-episode, so it wouldn't matter as much if the style is a little different than it usually is. I mean hell, the style changes a lot anyway, who would care? Maybe it'll include multiple authors, if need be. Basically, I'd need animators. I'd supply the audio while the other(s) would supply the animation. It'd let me focus on 7 while giving you guys a potentially good mini-episode in a timely manner. Just a thought though. If I get no takers, then fuck it. It was a small idea anyway.



Da future of RAW's Siblings (warning: lotsa text)

What? Rob has a website?

2009-04-09 07:46:24 by Bobert-Rob

Hey, I got a bit of news, but I'll just wait on that. For now, I got a little question for you guys.

How many of you actually check out the extra stuff I throw on my website? Not just the animations, but the extra sections and stuff. I get plenty of questions when I release something new, but I also get a lot of the same questions on older work too. If only they'd check my website, they'd realize a lot of that stuff is covered there. I'll be the first to admit some of it may be confusing, but it's cool if you check it out.

For instance, the backstories I write (for Siblings and HOTM). I know you guys enjoy the scrapbooks due to the fact that it's like having a behind the scenes discussion, reading my after-thoughts on a specific animation... well, the backstory section takes a look at each of my animations chronologically and discusses a lot of interesting facts about each series (mainly Siblings) and how they have evolved over the years. A true afterthought on the series and its evolution. It's not always 100% up to date, but I try to find time to update it when I can.

Not to mention the character page, which details each of the recurring characters in my major animations. I just updated the Siblings section, so if you're unsure of who's who, check it out. (like how most of you are confused about who Dan is, hah) I even put the stupid chihuahua who shows up in one episode on there (well, he returns in episode 7, but still, he's minor as hell).

One thing I think is cool is that I put Character Evolution pages up there. Actually, only the characters who change a lot (Rob, Johny, and Spike) have pages, but as my work continues to develop, I plan to add more of my ever-changing characters in there. It's fun checking out how much they change and reading my stupid little thoughts on how I drew Rob's cheeks too round in "Day of the Devil", or how I keep reusing that damn front angle of Rob.

And of course, the FAQ sections. I try to include all the questions I've gotten countless times in there, so if you're still fuzzy on some of the many confusing parts of my animations, you could check there. And there's plenty, hah.

Plus I try to keep the "Coming soon!" section up to date, letting you know what to expect as far as future projects are concerned. So if you wanted to know what episode 8 is gonna be about, you could find out. They're really brief descriptions, so don't worry about actually spoiling anything.

I know I need to put a lot of my older animations on there, but I've been busy. Plus, anything older than episode 5 tends to link to my addresses and I can't update them (flash likes to crash when opening huge files, heh), so... I don't know. But I'm getting over that and have decided to slowly start posting them on the site with a warning not to use the links in the flash.
I also gotta add iPod ready videos of my more popular works. I get that request once in awhile. I've been meaning to, but.. well, I'm busy. That and I have no iPod to test it on. I got a Zune, sure, but I can't say if they both use the same video types or what. So we'll see on that one.

Regardless, just thought I'd do some whoring on my website since I just spent a few hours updating it. Why not? I'm tired of looking at that april fools post, myself.


What?  Rob has a website?


2009-04-01 05:16:26 by Bobert-Rob