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Underdog, eh?

2011-04-06 18:51:55 by Bobert-Rob

There's a first for everything, my friends, and I've gotten an underdog of the week for Untitled 04. It was weird coming onto the profile page and seeing two awards for that one as I know I didn't rank anywhere for a weekly stuff. Interesting to say the least.

But, uh, more to come? At some point? I'm still trying to sum up the energy to finish episode 7, but this damn game has all my attention. It's too damn fun to make! Guh! I swear, if I don't end up finishing episode 7 on time I'm going to shoot myself in the foot or something. And I don't even LIKE guns, so we all know how serious that is.

Of course, I may do something involving that Goblin Shark from 04... I had an idea involving deep sea creatures a couple of years ago, I may just do it. Of course, I don't remember any of it, but I may have it archived somewhere. Who knows! More to come at some point.

Underdog, eh?


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2011-04-06 21:25:15

Personally, I'm more interested in this game you've been talkin' about lately. An adventure game with your sense of humor sounds awesome. 'Course, self-discipline is a good thing...fuck it, I'll just encourage you in general.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Well, the game itself won't be done for awhile, so new animations would help tide fans over until that's finished. I'm looking to have a demo release sometime soon, though I don't know when. It's actually an RPG, but so many adventure games have RPG elements that you're close enough to right. Still, it's looking to be pretty awesome.


2011-04-06 23:45:23

I JUST REALIZED! You skipped untitled 3! Went from untitled 02 to untitled 04! You sneaky bastard!

Bobert-Rob responds:

Wah haha, I'm evil. :D


2011-04-07 15:19:46

Hooray, episode 7! Also something involving sea creatures sounds pretty cool, I had this one idea for a game called "Bad Squid" that is a side scrolling fighting game where a biker squid has to fight through a bar to get to the restroom or something like that. Untitled 4 was the bee's knees, random humor always gets to me.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Actually, the sea creature thing and the game are two different things, but that would be interesting. You may have even known they're separate already, but I'll talk as if you didn't. Gotta get yer ducks in a row, y'know. One good turn deserves another. Many hands make light work. Don't count your chickens before they hatch... etc etc.


2011-04-12 02:47:00

I think you're one of the more underrated flash artists on this site. Your stuff is always funny and free of any pretentiousness which is not something you see all the time in artists. My siblings and my friends as well really enjoy your work and hope you'll continue on with flash for a while longer. Of course, a game from you would be incredibly interesting as well. Either way, I look forward to any new stuff from you.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Well, I do hope to make more soon. Can't say how soon as I'm no fortune teller, but soon-ish I'd assume. Thanks for your kind words though! :D


2011-04-24 16:14:27

You are worthless.
I hate you.
You're nothing.
I like you.
I love you.
You're amazing.

Bobert-Rob responds:



2011-04-25 20:56:42

i envy you


2011-05-14 18:01:38

Not much of a comment here. Just wanted to say helloo. Glad you're still into your animations and even went on to making a game as well. Sounds great can't wait.


2011-06-11 15:34:44

Well bobert.... How's episode 7 and that game you talked about coming along? >=l

Bobert-Rob responds:

Oh, they're coming. Slowly but surely.

Emphasis on the slowly.


2011-08-03 18:49:46

I can see it now! Tough potatoes..THE GAME! eh? am I right? no? ok sorry..


2011-10-03 19:41:43

Any projections as to when the game will be playable?


2011-11-01 19:29:08

Hey Bobert, *pat on the back* you get a pat on the back cause you deserve one and you probably need it. Now im taking a five out of your wallet because I need it.... for bus fare.


2011-11-28 03:53:55

Bobort make more vids on youtube also in newgrounds plz. i speak for every of ur subscribe we all miss u :)


2011-12-23 07:17:17


I came here after 8 months expecting to find something, only to find this place abandoned :/


2012-01-24 18:35:26

Hey bobert, you done with anything yet? we all miss you man... ='(


2012-02-24 18:06:58

I see you're active as usual.


2012-03-31 11:51:24

Tomorrow it will be exactly a year since you last submitted something.

We must assume the worst. I'll call the taxidermist.