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An apology to the fans who were offended by the last post

2008-10-11 02:00:07 by Bobert-Rob

Sorry bout that, guys. Really. I didn't mean to make you fans feel insignificant with that post, I just set my personal expectations of myself too high. I mean, look at "Half Beard" and "Not-The-FFXII". Those two did awesome and I miss that. I'm not at the level of recognition I wish I was and I'm frustrated every time I'm reminded of that fact.

Still, though, I shouldn't have taken it out on you guys. So again, my apologies. You guys are awesome and I want you to know that. I just suck sometimes. I hope to make it up to you guys soon with a fully animated preview of the scene I'm working on from episode 6. I'll probably do that next week so I can make a front page post about it. You know, one that isn't stupid. But for now, I gotta get back to updating my website.



An apology to the fans who were offended by the last post

Rob's pessimistic update for the 10 fans he has

2008-10-10 17:03:43 by Bobert-Rob

I'm not in the best of moods at the moment, as flash decided to delete the character cells for episode 6 I was working on for the past two weeks, so I gotta redraw em'. Thankfully I had started animating one of the scenes, so the angles I'd already used were saved in another file, but there were a good 10 or so angles I completely lost and need to redraw from scratch. Not that any of you care, of course.

In other news, I've been working slowly on the website. Yep, work on that is going at a snail's pace. Why? Because I said so, shut up. It's got enough there at the moment. The animation section, the music section... I even threw together a store that no one will buy from. Many improvements were made and it's all looking mighty nice. Again, though, only like 10 people will even care to notice. Being recognized for my work sure is nice... (sarcasm)

Which, I guess, brings me to the foremost point in my mind: I'm fucking pissed. Pissed because I put months of work into Heinous Anus Zone, an original script full of awesome jokes and the best animating I'd ever done, and it was all wasted because I was over-eager and released it on a day something more popular was released. And then I watch as many flash animations make the front page, hardly any of them deserving the spotlight, and due to their exposure they end up being seen by hundreds of thousands. It's fucking frustrating when I put all this god damn work into something only for the joke stealing idiots of the flash community to fucking best me.

But yeah, excuse me for being a pessimistic little bitch. I'm honestly sorry about that, but life's shitty at the moment. Frustration in more areas than just this, though this doesn't help matters at all.

In any case, I got news for you: If this shit continues to spiral downhill, I'm going to stop making it. As in, if episode 6 doesn't receive anything near what episode 5 did, I'm just going to fucking stop the series altogether. I'm not just going to waste half a year on something that only a few thousand people are going to see, you know? I'm not a fucking charity, and I'm certainly not making money at it, so yeah. Fair warning.

PS: Since I don't want to completely disappoint my 10 fans, I offer a preview of episode 6 in the form of a cell I drew. This one was saved, thankfully. It's both a taste of what's to come and a display of how I feel right now. Tired of life. Enjoy while you can!

Rob's pessimistic update for the 10 fans he has

"Heinous Anus Zone" released! Also, new web address

2008-09-14 21:45:59 by Bobert-Rob

Hey, all. I'm rushed, so I'll make this quick. Siblings mini-Episode 2, "Heinous Anus Zone", is finally done and released! Rob comes up with a ridiculous Sonic level idea and rants to Johny about it for awhile. Johny doesn't like it, but that's his problem.

Oh yeah, I forgot to put the link to the cartoon in here. It's here now. CLICK.

Also, is the new official site of all of my work. Yep, finally got that stuff set up. Right now it's just a placeholder that links to my main accounts on NG, dA, and youtube. Poor youtube, it has no cool acronym. Well, I assume it doesn't anyway. I've never seen one. Anyway, yeah, I'm working on improving the site and moving it over to the new server in the next week or so.

But who cares, you got a new cartoon. Episode 6 won't see the light of day for awhile, so you better enjoy it. OR ELSE!

"Heinous Anus Zone" released!  Also, new web address

Siblings Mini-episode 2 is almost ready

2008-08-25 17:35:09 by Bobert-Rob

NOTE: Due to a change in plans, this mini-episode will not be released until I have my new web address. This shouldn't take very long, but I figured I'd give you a heads up now.

Siblings mini-episode 2 is coming soon. Nearly a minute of hold-you-over-until-the-next-episode footage, with extras and another damn scrapbook. All that shit. SOON. As in I DON'T HAVE A PLANNED DATE, BUT DON'T BE SURPRISED IF YOU SEE IT ON HERE SOON.

Expect it in the next few weeks.

PS: The image below is a still image from the aforementioned mini-episode. Yep, Rob's left handed. Go fig.

Siblings Mini-episode 2 is almost ready

Website considerations

2008-08-09 17:00:45 by Bobert-Rob

Hi folks. I need to get a better webhost and a new address, but I'm not entirely sure what the address should be. I could be lazy and just do "" or .net or whatever (which would be lazy because my current website uses the 'myhead' name), but that's a pretty vague address that doesn't hint much at what the website even is. Hell, it's downright suggestive.

Figured I'd throw ideas past you guys and you could, I don't know, tell me what one you like most. Might help me make a decision. I'm too indecisive at times. So here they are:

" / .net" ; The most simple and easy to remember site on this list. Refers to my typical account name on internet websites. Easy to remember if you're familiar with my work already.

" / .net" ; A mixture of my RAW initials and my name. It's somewhat vague, but I kind of like it. Kind of.

" / .net" ; Obviously a dumb website address, but I find it funny because it's so stupid. Hints to the humor found at the site. Most likely won't use it though.

" / .net" or " / .net" ; RAW + animation. It could work, although the 'rawnimation' might be hard to remember spelling-wise. Also, 'rawanimation' might give people an impression that these cartoons were very... shoddy or incomplete in the visuals. Granted, certain aspects of my work is indeed shoddy, but a lot of people like how I do it so I don't know.

" / .net" or " / .net" ; RAW + asylum. I know, most of these just stick 'raw' into other words, but I kind of like that. The asylum reference only fits with Treeva, as most of my animations aren't creepy crazy, just crazy. Although it fits Siblings to a degree, I guess.

And I can't decide which one I want. I'm leaning toward, but I'm not sure. Tell me your thoughts on the subject, would ya? And if you know of a good webhost, I'm all ears. Help a brother out. A white brother.

Note: Yes, the drawing below has nothing to do with anything. I have this habit of wanting to post art with each news post, which thus makes everyone want to comment on the art instead of the actual post. If you comment on the artwork, please consider the actual question too, thanks.

Website considerations

I'm so tired of seeing that news post I got about my recent release... so tired that I'm writing a new one. I'm not sure what to write about, so I'll just update you on some projects. Because I know you ALL care so much about little ol' me.
And yes, that was sarcasm. Sarcasm in text form is idiotic because it's impossible without completely giving it away in description format, but I did it anyway. Cuz I'm dumb.

Siblings News
This is what most of you care about. I'm roughly half way through animating the second mini-episode. It's looking damn awesome and I'm proud of the steps of progress I'm making in the style. Gone are the weird sunken eyes of shadow seen in episode 5, and here be more realistic eye shadows! Yippie! A link for those who want a taste to come (it's an old version, the actual cells look a little better)

The Heart and the Hand, Part 2
MUCH further along than the second Siblings Mini-episode, though still so incomplete... the reason it's taking to long is the fact that I'm really trying to make it the best animation I can make right now, and good animation takes time. With Siblings, I just bullshit and do things however I feel like, ditching ideas that don't work in the future and keeping good ones. With this, I want it to work from the beginning... and so far, it does. Part one worked really well. To make Part 2 flow even better, it'll take time. In the meantime, check out some artwork related to 'The Heart and The Hand'... if you want.

But that's besides the point. I am indeed participating in another collab... some of you may remember the first collab I contributed to, *cough*BLAMFORMERS*cough* but I haven't really been a part of another since. Why? Well, lets just say Rob typically doesn't play well with others. That and the idea of a collab really doesn't sit well with me... but the author contacted me about participating, and when he mentioned what he wanted to do, the ideas started flowing. I decided to go ahead and contribute after that. I won't say who contacted me or what it involves, but I'm hoping it'll be a good one. I like my contribution, at least... I think you guys will to. I've only got 5 seconds animated, but it's a good 5 seconds, and will be followed by a minute or two of more spiffy whatnots. That won't be done for awhile, though, as there's no deadline for it or anything. So I have no idea when it'll be released. It'll come, though.

I like to write, and can't filter my words without leaving out nifty little Rob-isms. And we can't have Rob censoring himself, can we? I'd probably end up censoring the important stuff and just leave the stupid shit, heh. And THAT would just piss people off more.

Oh, and I figured I'd mention that I have a job now. Like, an actual job. Don't get excited, it's not doing any animation stuff or even anything graphic design related. It's a factory job, if you wanna know the truth. I don't care what you think, I like it. Doesn't require too much thinking, and I'm good at it.

Due to the job, my releases will take longer to complete. I'm not going to stop animating altogether, but you must know that it'll slow the process down a bit. You'll get over it... I mean, shit, you have so much already. Anything I make beyond now is bonus points.

Regardless of the longer wait, I hope to have SOMETHING done by fall. Probably the mini-episode, if anything, but I make NO promises. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if I don't finish anything until winter. The future is uncertain, my friends... but shit will happen. Because we all have to shit sometimes, you know?

I usually try to end this differently... but right now, I can't seem to end it at all. I was going to finish it two paragraphs ago, but decided to tell you about my hoping for a fall release on the miniep. Now I keep writing in hopes that I write myself into a corner, but I keep finding ways to navigate through my ramblings... usually by observing myself in a cynical way. It's all just a bunch of bitching, but anyone who has read many of my ramblings knows I bitch a lot. Hell, a lot of the time I don't make sense and contradict myself... sometimes in mid-sentence. I apologize for nothing.

Damn, I only have 28,000 letters left before I'm out of room. Will I use them?


PS: Don't comment telling me this is too long. I'm fully aware of that. If you don't read it, I don't care to hear your input.
Also, stop asking me the same questions, it's in this message or on the various FAQs on my website. I wrote them for curious fans to read, so if you're a curious fan, then READ EM'.
That's all.

A few updates on myself that you don't want to read (warning: LONG POST)

For those of you who check my page often, you know I've been debating whether or not to release HOTM 1: Revised Edition on Newgrounds. Well, I did it. It's out now. You can watch it and tell me how the audio quality sucks or how I should've reanimated more of it... or even complain how the characters still don't have noses. I'm done with messing with it, so there you go. It is what it is, impurities included. Vote honestly. I'm working against a front page, just so you know... I even made sure to release it on a day when other higher scoring submissions are released, so I should succeed in my anti-success mission.

Hotrod Opened the Matrix 1: Revised Edition

In other news, I played a ridiculous game the other day... an amateur RPG entitled "Barkley's Shut up and Jam: Gaiden". It's great in a hilariously stupid way, I love it. All the references, the idiotically serious story about super basketball powers... Google it if you're interested. It's a .exe game you play off your harddrive, not a flash game, so keep that in mind if you actually want to play it. Also, it's like 60+ MB big, so the download'll take awhile... but is totally worth it. Yay for awesome amateur games.

Yay, only two paragraphs. Must be your lucky day.

Released "HOTM 1 Revised". Now leave me alone.

Hey guys. I have a question for you: How many of you would care for me to release "Hotrod opened the Matrix 1, revised edition" on Newgrounds?

For those of you who don't know, my first series was a trilogy of cartoons called "Hotrod Opened the Matrix", a parody mixing Transformers with the Matrix trilogy, and pitting Bobert and friends against Transformers bent on enslaving mankind.

Back when I was doing HOTM 3 part A, I started working on a revised version of HOTM 1. I was about 95% done with it when I stopped working on it (due to the weapons scene with Jesus and me having no idea how I wanted to do that). I've been releasing unfinished cartoons on my dA account and figured this would be a nice way to end it, so I finished up the revised HOTM 1.

Another cool thing about this is that I figured out how to combine parts A and B so you can watch the ENTIRE first episode uncut! This caused the filesize of the animation to go up to 8.8 MB, which is pretty big. I think dA has a size limit, so I might have to release it on here.

Due to it being one of my oldest animations, it's not as good as my current work. Thus, I'm not sure if I want to release it on here. I mean, I do have a high standard as far as animation is concerned, and this doesn't quite measure up to my recent works (visually and audio-wise). It's MUCH better than the original though, honestly. I can actually sit and watch it now.

So tell me: Should I do this, or not? I don't want to give people false hope about HOTM 3 being finished, because that still isn't happening... most likely. But if you guys are interested in it, I'll release it on here. Well, I'll probably do what I'm going to do regardless, but you might change my mind if you guys care strongly either way.

HOTM 1 Revised:  Should I upload it on NG?

Hey. I made something. It's the extras from episode 5 of Siblings, "Not-the-Final Fantasy XII". It contains a lot of FFXII-based humor. Check it out if you want to.

Enter the "Not-the-Final Fantasy XII Extras"

Also, guess what? Do any of you remember HOTM? It's my first series, you can watch all the parts I made of it here on NG. Anyway, I never finished "HOTM 3 part D", but a few days ago I decided to release what I had finished of it since I most likely will never finish it. Click below for a link to the incomplete version of "HOTM 3 part D", containing 40 seconds of animation that goes nowhere.


Well, that's all I have to say about that. Hope you enjoy the fruits of my recent labor, as I won't be finishing any more animations anytime soon. It takes time to make this stuff, you know. Lots of time. Until next time...!

'Not-the-FFXII Extras' released.  That's what I did.


2008-06-04 02:17:58 by Bobert-Rob

A heads up to all the fans of mine who drop by my page to read news and whatever:
The extras collection is really REALLY close to completion. I decided to go ahead and finish it the other day and it's practically done now. I'm now expecting to release it sometime around my birthday... sometime between the 7th and 9th, I think.

What's left to do? Well, I'm going to add a 'spoiler-free' option for those of you who don't want to spoil FFXII's ending by watching the last two scenes. The spoiler free option will replace those scenes with a different scene, so you might want to watch it later even if you decide to watch the regular one.

I also hid a music player in there so you can listen to all the music I made for these parodies uninterrupted (you know, the whole 'click on something and unlock it in the extras menu' thing (yes, the extras animation has an extras menu)). You know, because I don't feel like releasing 10 songs seperately on here. It'd be monotonous and pointless, you know? Especially due to their... quality.

In summary: New animation going to be released soon. After that, I won't release anything for a few months, so this will be the last from me you'll see for awhile. Well, the last flash animation you'll see out of me for awhile, anyway. Takes time to make this stuff, you know.