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R.I.P., Spike

2009-09-15 16:10:17 by Bobert-Rob

I'm not sure if I should be making this post, but I figured the fans might want to know. Do what I can to help keep you guys from making incorrect assumptions, y'know.

Spike passed on yesterday. He lived a full 9 years and I'm glad he was able to stick around so long. He didn't suffer and we were able to comfort him in his last moments here. He meant a lot to us, so it's great he was able to pass as well as he did.

I didn't really want to post anything about it here because I didn't want to confuse fans of the "Siblings" series. Many of you know it's based on reality, so I know a lot of you would be dumping your "OMG SPIKE IS DEAD, DUZ THAT MEAN HE AINT IN THE SHOW NO MORRRRREEEEE".

The truth is that "Siblings" Spike isn't going anywhere. The series is pretty much stuck in early 2007 as far as the family is concerned. I can't make them fast enough for it to keep up with real life, so I made that decision awhile back. Episode 7 is still going to be made, as well as other Spike episodes I had planned. I mean, Johny hasn't had his mop hair for half a year already, so obviously I'm not caring about updating character designs to reflect the current status of things. Honestly, what would be the point? The animations would become insanely inconsistent if I kept updating it like that.

I was originally planning on locking comments out, but apparently I didn't. So fuck it, it's staying unlocked. Just don't ask the obvious shit, okay? Please? Everything's explained in here, it just requires reading.

Take care, everyone. Appreciate what you got while you have it.

R.I.P., Spike

HAPPY 9/9/9! :3

2009-09-09 16:53:43 by Bobert-Rob


Have fun with your reverse pentagrams and dead goat rebirths!

HAPPY 9/9/9!  :3

I'm never making another one ever again.

That is my answer to the age old question "SO WHEN'S YER NEXT CARTOON COMING OUT." Or "WHATS YER NEXT CARTOON ABOUT". Or even the golden "ANIMATE A CARTOON FOR ME."

Any news I have about my current activities is posted here, on the newsposts. If I haven't MADE a news post yet, chances are I'm either too busy to bother with updating or nothing's going on. There is just no point in individually telling each person who asks me the same thing. The same people who are obviously too lazy to read what I write anyway. I make these for a reason, folks.
Sorry, I've just read too many one sentence messages lately that all ask the same question. WHEN IS MORE COMING. I'm going to stop saying when I'm releasing stuff at this rate because I'm tired of people expecting me to meet some kind of nonexistent quota.

Rant aside, I'm not really doing anything special. I'm working on another demo reel for shits and giggles, though I MAY send this out to some people in DVD form. Nothing will come of it, I bet, but what else am I doing? Nothin'. The demo reel is way too long to release online (15 minutes for the full length, about 7 for the shortened), so I won't. Besides, why bother, it's just a damn demo reel. Recycled footage you've seen before spiced with a few ones you haven't. Whatever.
Note: NO, I'M NOT SENDING IT TO ANY FANS. I AM NOT MADE OF MONEY. If you gave me money, hey... but we all know you're too cheap for that. :p

Now get off my back, ya monkeys. :3

To everyone wondering when my next animation will be done

Telefrancais collab is finally OUT!

2009-08-19 22:28:23 by Bobert-Rob

Well, I finished it up. Took long enough, sure, but all good things take time. I wanted to make sure it was as bug free as possible. That and it was fun hiding crap in there.

Just so you know what to expect, it's about an old show from the 80's called Téléfrançais. It's a show produced in Ontario to help teach children french. How they were expecting to do that with the setup they made is beyond me, but that just gives more to laugh at.

So watch, enjoy, do what you do best. I gotta take a breather for a bit.

Oh yeah, the link. Blah blah blah.

EDIT: For those who want to know the secret number combinations for the clock scene select, I put the secrets up on my website. It's at Since hardly anyone is finding them, figured I'd help you out. Of course, if you want to actually earn them legitimately, don't look there and get crackin'!

It should be done in a week

2009-08-09 19:58:09 by Bobert-Rob

Yeah, originally this was an edit of the previous news post, but then I realized that the previous news post was made more than a week ago, so I'll make a new, shorter update.

Should be done at the end of the week. I'm gonna be on the road on Friday, so expect more delays if it's not out by then. I'm going to try to haul ass and finish this bastard, though. It's so close... just another day or two of animating and finishing the menu system. It's looking mighty fine so far, so I'm stoked. A lot of my fans will be scratching their heads wondering why I decided to put so much effort into this, but I like it so fuck off.

So yeah, if you're secretly doing something for this collab (Heh, yeah right), finish soon. If it's not done by the time I release it, it isn't going in. Kay? Kay.

EDIT: Looking like I'll have to push the release date till, like, sunday or later. I'm going to be driving all day tomorrow (Friday), so I don't know if I'll finish it tonight. The main animation is finished, I just have to finish up the secrets and fine tune everything so it's as perfect as it can be. A shame if it's late, but you're used to it by now I think.

It should be done in a week

Stupid Telefrancais

2009-08-02 20:27:55 by Bobert-Rob

The collab won't be done for awhile, you guys. Not because people bailed, quite the opposite. I'm glad everyone finally finished their parts and sent them in. They're all being put into place as I write this and it's looking nifty. The quality fluxuates in parts, but I like it.

Unfortunately, I'm once again left without someone to animate the extra skits I recorded dialog for, so I'm probably going to have to do it myself. Compound that with the fact that I'm currently on vacation in Canada and you got delays out the ass. Lamesauce.

But whatever, I'm going to buckle down eventually and do this shiz. Once that's out of the way, I can finally focus on something else for a change. Like, I dunno... SIBLINGS OR THATH OR SOMETHING. DONT BRING IT UP.

(like it when I say 'something else for a change', but then I mention the same crap I always do? Love my hypocrisy)

Stupid Telefrancais

Subtitles have been one of the things fans have always wanted me to add to the Siblings series. I did end up adding them by the first mini-episode, but the first three remain without subtitles. I can't add them now due to the old flash files being too big to do anything with. The old format I used for them won't load very well and all.

Due to this, I've decided to upload the scripts for the first three episodes as I had written them originally, right down to their lazy format. You can check this out HERE.

Will I ever have more episode scripts there? Will I ever put unused scripts up? I HAVE NO IDEA DONT ASK. :3

Scripts for a few Siblings episodes

Released a cartoon that kind of sucks, but whatever

2009-07-06 17:05:15 by Bobert-Rob

I'm going to be honest: I'm not super proud of Dinner with Frenchie, a cartoon I released just now. The main reason is due to the fact that it's yet another Matrix parody. OH MY GOD, A MATRIX PARODY. HOW ORIGINAL. Feel free to leave a smart assed comment about how hypocritical that is.

It was made for a collab, though, and involves a scene no one's ever really made a parody of before (I assume), but that's hardly an excuse. Still, I made it and it's been on youtube for a few weeks, so fuck it I guess. Watch it and complain that it sucks or something. Or don't and tell me that I'm being a negative nancy. I could care less either way, as this is more of a release to keep fans quiet about another release as the Telefrancais collab is still being worked on.

Speaking of the Telefrancais collab... I'm still waiting on a few people to finish. Come on, people, don't let me down now!

In other news, I keep plucking beard hairs. I really need to knock that off... idle hands, I guess. Later.

Released a cartoon that kind of sucks, but whatever

Oney has a posse

2009-06-28 19:57:05 by Bobert-Rob

*EDIT: Misspelled his name. I win at english.

Well, decided on Fawxfor animating the part for the Telefrancais collab.

It's funny how half the people who were interested had some affiliation with Oney. I never realized Oney had a posse. Are animators supposed to have posses, or is Oney part of a cult here on NG?

If this is the last thing I'm able to write on NG, remember me! DONT LET ME DIE IN VAIN, PEOPLE! YOU HEARD THE TRUTH HERE FIRST!

*is spookily silenced or something*

Oney has a posse

Kay, here's the deal.

Basically, the "Telefrancais" collab (also known as the "Ananas collab" in its early stages) is nearing completion. I've got half of the skits in place and I'm waiting on some others to finish their parts up. I know I made the deadline sometime in May, but shit happens. It does.

And now I'm wondering what to do. I have spots for two more skits and it's likely that I'll be the one that has to animate them. I only recently got done with my minute and a half long skit for it and I'm not sure if I want myself to do two more skits to fill in these spots. I mean, I could... I have the scripts and the places where they'd go. I just don't want it to be too saturated by my own style.

So are there any animators out there who would like to animate the skits? The idea I have in mind for these two skits basically involves boardroom meetings about the show that would take place near the beginning of the collab (first and third skits). I have the scripts written and they'd be pretty short, but they set up the skits that follow pretty well, so I like the ideas of them. Quality wouldn't be as important as content (which I'd give you, story-wise), but it'd have to be done using some artistic skill (as in no photograph heads with rectangle body things or whatever).

If you're interested, pm me. It'd have to be done soon, but I can help out as much as I'd need to in order to finish it as quick as possible. I can't promise you'll be co-authored for it (unless you're already being coauthored), but you'll definitely be in the credits (in fact, you'd be first since your skit would come first).

So let me know.

"Telefrancais" collab opportunity, animators requested