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Hey, you remember back in, like... 08 when I made "The Heart and the Hand"? You don't?

Well I finally finished that up and have released it. This release is actually the entire thing, so if you haven't seen the first part, don't bother. "The Heart and the Hand p1" is now obsolete, as it's included in p2. I added more background stuff to the first part anyway, so go ahead and watch it all the way through.

It's 13 minutes long. I'd count the frames and whatever, but I've never been one to do that anyway, so screw it. I will say that for such a long animation, it's incredibly devoid of dialog. It's pretty music-heavy. Just imagine, if I had actually added dialog to it, it could've been like a half hour long show. Of course, then it'd lose its charm and become like all my other work. Can't have that!

It's kinda cutesy too. You know, valentines day. And I was wanting to try making something different than I usually do, so cutesy it is! I still like it though.

So, uh, yeah, watch it if you like the things you've read about it. I'd appreciate it if you did! And yes, this is all one big link to the same animation. Take care!

That Valentines day thing I've been making for the past two years, it's done

Alright alright alright

2010-02-12 16:50:51 by Bobert-Rob

"The Heart and the Hand" is finally complete enough to release. I still want to work on it a little here and there, so Newgrounds' release comes tomorrow.

For now, it's on my website! Go watch it, enjoy, let me know how you felt about it here. Or just wait for tomorrow and leave a review. I'll get it either way!

Oh, uh, it's 13 minutes long. 11 MB big. This includes the first 5 minutes from part 1. So this is the ENTIRE animation as it was meant to be seen! Don't worry, the first 5 minutes were edited here and there, adding background characters and whatnot. It's still the same otherwise.

What next, a half hour long movie? (read: no)

Watch "The Heart and the Hand" on my website!

With the help of Oney's crazy computer, episode 6 of Siblings, entitled "Don't Sleep, Robby!", was exported and released! I'd like to thank Oney for being patient with my perfectionism... I kept finding bugs and having to re-send it to him. Sigh.

But it's out and it's as close to perfect as I figure it should be! There's a bug or two I'm sure, but I don't care at this point. Go watch it and enjoy it for what it's worth, Newgrounds!

The next release of mine will be The Heart and the Hand p2, and that'll probably be released around Valentines day.

But there's some nifty secrets tucked away in this one, so do me a favor and check it out! Review, lemme know what you think... whatever. I'm so glad I can relax finally, hah.

"Don't Sleep Robby", ep.6 of Siblings, released on NG!

Released Episode 6 on Youtube!

2010-01-27 00:37:40 by Bobert-Rob

Alright, guys, I've been struggling with Flash for the past few weeks trying to get SOMETHING to export... and I've finally managed to get something done!

I've released "Don't Sleep, Robby!" to youtube. I was able to release each scene by itself and put the video files back together. So if you want to watch it now and don't care about video quality, go watch it! If you'd rather wait for the flash version so you can watch it with all the goodies youtube can't handle (subtitles, secrets, and the extra sound effects I always stuff in there), I won't mind. I just figure this'd at least be an OPTION for those of you who don't want to wait any longer. It's also for me so I can stop stressing about Flash's limitations.

Like I said before, if I don't get a solution to this flash crap before February begins, I'm going to wait and release The Heart and the Hand p2 first. It'll be an early release in this case, so I'd look for that sometime in the first week of February. Two weeks after that, episode 6 SHOULD have a solution and be releasable. I certainly hope so, anyway...


Oh yeah, the link. Watch Don't Sleep, Robby! on youtube

Venting, venting

2010-01-26 02:44:27 by Bobert-Rob

I totally hate Flash right now. Flash and my computer both... they're ganging up on me to make life unpleasant. I'm currently trying to export it as a movie file so I can at LEAST release it on, like... fuckin' youtube or something while we wait for a flash solution.

But who knows what I'll be able to do. Right now, I can't do a damn thing. Waiting to hear back from a buddy of mine who MIGHT be able to try exporting it on his computer, but I haven't heard back from him. It'd be a life saver if he could, though, let me tell you.

If it takes too long, then I'm waiting until after Valentines Day to release it. I have something else that direly needs a releasing and I refuse to release both of these animations too close together.

Venting, venting

Shooting for {As soon as possible}

2010-01-19 08:13:53 by Bobert-Rob

Episode 6. It's practically done now, I just have to finish the menu and do the ending animation. You know, that frame by frame on white bullshit I throw together after the credits.

And oh my god this mother fucker is epic. You'll see soon enough why it took me so damn long to finish it. I still have no idea how long it is, but I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being the longest episode to date.

But yeah, as the title says, it's going to be out by Thursday. HOPEFULLY. Just trying to let you know so you know when to look for it. ITS PRACTICALLY AROUND THE CORNER, ITS A STONES THROW AWAY.


EDIT: Damnit, Flash is being a bitch. I finally have all the scenes put together, but it refuses to export properly. I'm assuming it's a problem with me not having enough RAM or something, but when I try to publish it, it doesn't have a 'out of memory' error as usual... the publish window just vanishes. Not in the normal way, either. The entire thing just vanishes and the swf file doesn't show up. I'm not entirely sure what to do here as I've never come across this problem before in CS4. Damn program.

Does anyone know of an alternate way to export a swf file that might work? I read somewhere about a way to publish a file from a .fla file without opening it, but none of the methods I found worked with CS4. Regardless, I'm going to keep fucking with it and hope I figure out a solution.

EDIT EDIT: Due to flash sucking, I'll release it as soon as I figure out a way to export this damn thing.

Happy new decade, bitches

2010-01-01 18:20:55 by Bobert-Rob

Yup, we're in the 10's now. Whoopee. Last year was definitely an interesting one for me, so lets hope things continue on that path. The ending kinda sucked, but the middle was awesome, so I don't really care anymore bout the end. This year begins with promise for me, and hopefully that pulls through.

I've been slacking a LITTLE BIT with episode 6, as I'm not as far as I thought I would've been. You can blame my random interests in things involving video games and the editing of them. Interesting shiz, that. But distracting!

I had wanted to finish by January and release it this month, but I don't think that's going to happen. There's extra stuff I wanna do for it, extra bits of dialog that need recording, and the main animation has yet to be finished... so who knows if I'll be able to get it all together before this month ends. If it isn't done by January, I'm waiting till March to release it. I kind of have February reserved for another release. WONDER WHICH ONE.

And depending on how the extras go, I may have to release those separately. Thus feeding the notion that every major episode will have an extras volume, hah. Isn't true of course, as episode 7 won't have any such thing (had to write extra parts for it to make sure it was long enough, in fact). I know people will start expecting it if it happens again, though.

I kill grammar on a daily basis. I hope you hate it!

Happy new decade, bitches

WIP shots from "Don't Sleep, Robby!

2009-11-27 03:35:11 by Bobert-Rob

So I've been working on episode 6. Pretty hard, actually. I've gotten a lot further with it, but there's still much to be done. Regardless, I'm releasing a WIP screenshot or two from it. If you want to see them, go ahead and look at them. Only catch is they're on deviantArt. Why? Cuz I don't want to fill my art section here with just anything. I basically shit anything on deviantArt, hence you get unfinished work and works in progress things along with whatever else I feel like.

Welp, that's all. Say what you will, I'm getting back to work.

Links to the pictures, will update if/when I upload more:
WIP image 1
WIP image 2 (Johny on guitar)

WIP shots from "Don't Sleep, Robby!


2009-10-22 15:43:36 by Bobert-Rob

Kay, so like... yeah. Hiatus.

Might as well mention that I'm sort of trying to get back into animating again. I did about 10 seconds last night, which is more than I've been able to do in the past couple of months. All that crap happening at the same time kind of hit me hard, but I'm about over it now I think.

But I'm not gonna revoke my hiatus status cuz... well, I dunno if I'll actually get back into animating or anything. I'm trying, but will it last? Will it not? Who the hell cares. I sure don't.

I'm trying, though. Working on episode 6 right now... it won't be done for quite awhile, but slow and steady wins the race. Well, unless you're racing fast and steady, anyway. Bastard fast n' steady's...

I'm taking a break for awhile

2009-09-20 21:16:12 by Bobert-Rob

Things have happened in the course of the past couple of weeks and I need to straighten my priorities. I've lost my girlfriend, my dog is dead and I have a negative balance in the bank account as we speak. I've been applying to every job I can think of and no one is hiring.

As you can imagine, my world right now is a little bleak.

Until things get back to normal, I'm going on hiatus from animating. To be honest, I haven't animated much of anything for a week or more... so I might as well take a break officially. I can't keep pressing on in animation when the rest of my world is dying. I need to focus my energy on making my life better and sustainable.

I don't want to hear "NO ROB WE NEED MORE" responses or "ROB JUST CHEER UP AND MAKE MORE FOR US" comments, so I'm locking them out. I don't need any guilt trips from anyone. And I'm not saying I'm quitting FOREVER, just for awhile. Hell, you guys got thousands of other artists to feed you silly animations. You'll live.