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Kay, so I'm working on something again. A game! A game I started like a year ago, but gave up on cuz of a simple problem I couldn't work around. Well, a few weeks ago I figured out a solution, so I'm back to work on it. It's a flash game, too, so if I'm able to finish it, you'll actually be able to play it! Go figure, I know. Don't expect it to be done anytime soon, though. I still haven't written a full script or anything for it, I just have a bunch of vague ideas of things I wanna do with it. Still, progress is progress and most of the basic game system is worked out.

And yeah, I'm programming it myself. Thankfully it's turning out great and I haven't hit anymore snags. I kind of have to program it myself because it's going to be a pretty epic game and I doubt anyone would work on a game this epic involving an artist who's never finished a flash game before. All I ever hear from people is 'start small, do simple shit', but that isn't my style. Everything I do becomes overcomplicated, that's what makes my work what it is. I say if the person has the patience, then the game should be as epic as they can make it! And I'm nothing if not patient.

Who knows if it'll get anywhere, though. I'll keep you guys posted.

Alright, working on a flash game

Well, gang, I'm in a bit of a dry spell. Not that I have no material to work with, I'm just not really inspired to do anything animation-wise. It's kind of depressing, I guess, but I'm just much more interested in tinkering with this old game I made back in highschool.

See, back when I was in highschool, around 2001, I was heavily into game creation. I've always wanted to make games, but when I found the RPG maker "OHRRPGCE", well, I finally had the ability to make them. Granted, they mostly sucked, but it was good writing practice. I wasn't a very good writer back then, but it was the beginning of a style I'd improve over time and incorporate into my animations, starting with HOTM.

Well, I've been tinkering with an old game of mine. Basically done in the style of HOTMinvolving me and friends going on an adventure. It didn't make much sense then, but after my tinkering it's actually coming together as a game. The bad thing is it's still an OHRRPGCE game, so none of you guys would get a chance to play it. I'm basically tinkering with this game for my own enjoyment, but it'd be awesome if I could take it and turn it into something I could actually release to you guys. Y'know, to make up for the fact that I'm doing absolutely nothing you can get into.

I have this thought in the back of my head involving maybe cutting the story into three or four games and doing each as a separate Flash RPG so I could finally start releasing stuff again, but as we all know I suck at game programming. Unfortunately, the nature of these games means the programming would be quite complicated and I'd only want to expand on the original ideas I had. That and it'd involve a shit ton of voice acting, or me trying to figure out how to provide voices for the 30-ish characters that appear in the game. It would be fun animating the cutscenes, though, especially with the style I've developed for it. This idea may just devolve into me doing a couple of favorite scenes from the game as nonsensical separate releases. I know you'd love that, heh.

But not all is dismal as far as animation is concerned. There IS this idea I have for a parody that came to me about a month ago... one in the same vein as the short Matrix thing I did, but it being a TV show parody instead. I may do that one as it'd be simple, but due to the lack of inspiration I may not. It would fit decently well with Thanksgiving, oddly enough. Alright pressure! :D
So... uh... yeah. That's what's going through my mind at the moment. Might do a game if I can find a programmer that's interested, even if it is a game with a dated storyline. Might do an animation if I can muster up the effort in time. A lot of possibility floating in the air. Time'll tell what actually happens, though.

(Damnit, I hate it when I write books... ugh)

Boy I sure should do something

Is Rob making anything new?!

2010-10-02 00:56:49 by Bobert-Rob


A new series?

An old series?


Is Rob making anything new?!

No Episode 7... yet

2010-08-11 04:34:13 by Bobert-Rob

So I haven't touched 7 in awhile. Why? Got a job a few weeks ago. Plus I hadn't been inspired to do anything with it. Plus plus Chomp is taking up a bit of my time. Chapter one of that is almost done, though, so once that's through with I should be able to focus on 7. Then again, maybe not. I promise nothing (as usual).

Although one thing I know is I need is a new computer. A desktop with good speed so I can actually export this damn episode myself (you may not know, but episode 6 wouldn't export on my shitty laptop due to only having 1.5 GB of RAM). I know it'll end up being super huge like every other episode does, so I might as well. I really don't want to have to bother other people to export it for me.

Regardless, hopefully I can finish it and release it soon. Summer's almost over and... y'know, it's summer themed. It'd really suck to release it late or to... uh, wait a year. Yeah, I almost consider it... but that'd be a long time without an episode. Really, if that happened I'd have to do a different episode 7 and make this Spike episode number 8 instead. I could almost, even if it would mess up the order in my head.

So basically if it ends up being late, I may swap the order of episodes 7 & 8 and make 8 in the winter, waiting until next year for 7. Or I'd release the actual 7 late and do 8 whenever.


No Episode 7... yet

Well, I'm still working... only got like... three or four scenes left to make? In episode 7? Making good progress, all things considered. I know I take awhile to do this, but I don't give a fuck. That's how I make things, I don't shit them out every week. My animations are constipated I guess, happens when you're picky about the quality of the final product.

Although the longer wait for it also has to do with the fact that this fucker's gonna end up being 7 minutes long. Yeah, I timed all the scenes, it'll end up being the second longest bastard of the bunch. I wanna put an unlockable secret in there like I always do, but I don't know if I'll actually do the one I'm considering. The idea I got for this secret is more ambitious than I usually make them. Hell, who am I kidding? I'll probably do it anyway.

The backgrounds are looking swell. I'm sure people will still bitch about the animation quality not being super intense, but I'm beyond caring at this point. Bitch all you want, Newgrounds. I'm doing this how I want to and you'll just have to live with it.

More talking about episode 7...

Nunchuku this year, eh?

2010-06-08 16:16:55 by Bobert-Rob

Well, I'm older. Another year, another level-up.

Still updating the comic. Up to comic 3. I'm not saying you should be reading, but... eh... well, I'm not. Don't look at me like that. I like it, anyway. Just sayin'.

Also, progress on Siblings episode 7 is going well. Four scenes done, like three others started... I'm feeling pretty good about it. From what I've counted, this episode will be on the long side, about 7 minutes in length. It's funny because at first I thought it'd be short, so I wrote a few more scenes for it to flesh out the humor and length... and now it's going to be the second longest episode of the series. Ironyyy.

Oh, some of the fans have been enjoying the new forum on my website too. Have you checked it out yet? I check that bitch like everyday, so if there's something you want to bullshit with me about, head over there.

Alright, that's all. Look forward to another year of my bullshit! YOU'RE GETTING IT WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. :D

Nunchuku this year, eh?

Did some website shizzle

2010-05-20 20:55:16 by Bobert-Rob

So I've been busy the past couple months doing various things... one of these things is installing and modifying a forum on my website. Yeah, I decided to have a forum. Mostly for news posts, but there are other sections too. Like a place for people to comment on the web comic I just released.

OH YEAH THE WEB COMIC. Yeah that's one of the other things I've been working on lately. I just launched it today, hence the need for me to reveal the forum shiz. It's not going to focus on humor, though there will be some funny comics in there. Trying to tell a story too. If I had to sum it up, it's half comedy half serious actiony shit. It's much more like a comic book than like a sunday comic. Check it out if you feel like it. The idea right now is it'll be updated weekly, but I'm pushing for bi-weekly. Otherwise, it'll take like five months to get through the first chapter!

Also updated the background image on the home page. Flames, drawings, and duct tape. OBVIOUSLY, WHY WOULDNT MY MAIN PAGE HAVE THOSE ELEMENTS. They define me. Well, the duct tape and drawings. I'd made that image solely for the forum, but I found it cool enough to throw up on the main website too. Flames and duct tape are fun!

So now you know what I've been doing. I'll be busy with that web comic for a little bit, though hopefully I'll be able to get episode 7 of Siblings done before the end of summer. There's a few scenes of it done, but I've got a ways to go. Should be possible all the same.


Did some website shizzle


2010-04-12 21:21:14 by Bobert-Rob

So I've noticed the score on Siblings Untitled 02 is still going up. What's up with that, guys? Lets hope it's not some fan who votes on it every day or something, that'd be kinda dumb. I should vote 0 on it everyday to balance it out, hah. That'd be nice of me, I know.

You'd think I'd have more to write about, but I don't.

EDIT: You guys suck. STOP IT.

Watch Rob play with himself

2010-04-01 14:47:17 by Bobert-Rob

Rob makes no excuses for this one, folks.

Rob plays with himself.

Watch Rob play with himself

Rob's making comics now?

2010-02-17 22:46:29 by Bobert-Rob

Well, I'm going to try to. I made this recent one cuz it actually happened. I skipped past Johny and he gave me the most disgusted face, I loved it. Of course we were just messing around, but I still found it funny enough to spend a few hours turning into a comic. Yeah, it makes no sense, that's why I love it.

Will I make more? Sure, as long as I enjoy it. That's kind of how I roll. This would be a nice way to use up those episode ideas I don't have time for but still enjoy. WE'LL SEE THOUGH!


EDIT: I made another one.