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Old animator who used to use Flash. Now I 3D that shit with Unity and Blender. FIG GO.

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Bobert-Rob's News

Posted by Bobert-Rob - 4 days ago

Don't pop too many boners watching this one.  It'll make everyone around you real uncomfortable.



Posted by Bobert-Rob - July 6th, 2018

How many of you have ever been writing an email and wanted someone to proofread that shit?  And then realized you're anti-social as hell, so you didn't have anyone you could ask to proofread?  Or all your friends are illiterate or something.  Who knows.

Well this is the program for you!  Or an ad for a program for you.  Or a parody of an ad for a program for you.  Look, just watch the damn thing.


Posted by Bobert-Rob - May 8th, 2018



EDIT:  Would help if the link worked, huh?



Posted by Bobert-Rob - March 11th, 2018

How do you feel about crime?  Going against the law?  Lets find out.



Posted by Bobert-Rob - January 27th, 2018

In a world where people make complaints, here's another.




Make yours!

Posted by Bobert-Rob - December 19th, 2017

Because I have to write a post every time I make a cartoon.  Yeah, it's been awhile.  Took a 10 month break, jumped right back on the horse.  Four months later, a cartoon.  More 3d shenanigans.  You want a cartoon?  That's what you're getting.


Cartoon in question's called the Donkeneration.  It's about a boy and his donkey puppet raising hell in his own home.  Because that's entertainment!


More on the horizon.


Posted by Bobert-Rob - October 21st, 2016

Hey guys!  I'm back with a second episode of a hopefully long running series about Rob and fam!  Shell tries to get Rob to watch Twilight with her, not realizing just how deep his hate for that movie runs.

So check it out!  Vote accordingly!  Enjoy and be merry.



Posted by Bobert-Rob - July 31st, 2016

Hello Newgrounds!  It is I, that one guy.  Bobert-Rob!  You... ah, probably don't remember me.  If you do, it's because of Half Beard.  tWHYlight, maybe.  Or maybe even Runesuck.

I'm back!  And I've released a new animation.  I've been wanting to get away from Flash animation for awhile now, as I hate that damn program.  Say what you will about the quality of said program, but I've had nothing but issues with it since I started using it.  I continued with it because it was all I knew.  All I was capable of.

Now I use Unity!  A 3d game creation engine, but I've scripted up a game that allows me to make 3d animations!  Sure, you could tell me that I could animate using Blender... but screw that.  I wanted to be able to make an animation using scripts, a block of code, and I don't feel like doing everything in blender.  That program's kind of buggy too.  Of course it's free, so it balances itself out.

Anyway, check out the video!  Leave me a comment!  Let me know what you think, either what you like or how much I suck now.  I don't care.  I'm just glad to have something to share with you guys.



Posted by Bobert-Rob - July 6th, 2016

Hey!  Good news for a change.  I'm almost done with my first 3d animation.  Fun stuff, yeah.  Been a few months in the making, working on the system and bug testing the crap out of it.  I'm pretty stoked about this, as I've only been working on it for a few months.  It'll end up being about 5 or 6 minutes, I think.  Haven't been able to time it.

Anyway, expect a release of that soon.  Like in about a week soon.  Releasing it both on youtube and here.  Since it's 3D, it's going to be a video file only.  But newgrounds is cool with that these days, so no worries, eh?  Sucks that it won't have a scrapbook or any interactive goodies, but I plan on releasing another video that'll have whatever I would've included as extras in that anyhow.

See you then!

EDIT: Ok, so the week thing didn't pan out.  I will, however, be releasing this tomorrow.  Shooting for the afternoon, central time.

Posted by Bobert-Rob - May 28th, 2016

Boy, things just keep changing.  I know awhile ago I mentioned that I was starting a new project.  That project has been canned because the guy I was working with has stopped wanting to work on it.  Can't really do much about that.

I am working on something, though!  Another Unity project, but one that will have viewable results relatively soon.  Basically, I'm creating a game that will read scripts and convert them into 3d animations.  It's working out pretty well so far, exciting stuff!  My main concern is youtube, but I do plan on posting the actual works here as well.  Who knows if it'll make any difference, but the fans that are left will dig it I'm sure, so that's all that matters.

Check out this video near the end for an early example of what I'm talking about.  It'll look better by the time I finally have the system complete, but it'll give you a taste of what's to come from me.

And if you want, you can watch the whole thing.  I'm going to try to regularly post on my youtube account, so subscribe if you want to keep up.