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Those are some fast moving clouds

I'm glad you put the drug trip part in there. That was like the only part you hadn't shared before-hand and I was worried it wouldn't be in there for some reason. I like drug trip parts, you see. Good job overall, though! You're making me wish I wasn't making godawfully long episodes over here. Seriously, episode 7 could end up being 10 minutes long again... :( WHYYY?@?!
Ah well, keep up the good work, sir.

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Oney responds:

hah thanks bobert! i know you like your trippy scenes ;D

Alright, finally watched it

Yeah, I finally got the time to watch it. Not bad, man. You're getting better with movement. The drawings themselves are a little basic, but the action and animation itself helps keep that from being a bad thing. Also, I have no idea what was going on, but I understood all I needed to due to how the people were talking, so that's good. Just work on those perspectives in the future and keep on doing what you do.

RiverJordan responds:

heyheeeyy! Good stuff dude! Thanks for the review :D

See, this is why I stay away from math

Thanks for mentioning it was out, silly. Now I can review this bitch.
I like it, it's a nice start to a silly little series. I especially like at the end, the animation for Satan's flying. Nothing mind blowing, but it still looked pretty nice and THATS ALL THAT MATTERS.
The animation itself was simple, but really effective. You've definitely found your style and it shows in this, good quality H20. And of course sound quality, timing, blah blah blah. The entire thing was just good and I'm not going to pick at everything and sound like I have more to say than I do.
Also, awesome easter egg. I like how easy it was to find, hah. Sugar.

Oney responds:

thanks Rob, glad you enjoyed ;)

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Well done

I don't usually play games on this site, not usually, but I made an exception here. And I'm glad I did. A lot of the things in this game are incredibly well done. A couple of small things kind of bugged me, like how hard it is to tell whose turn it is in battle. There needs to be something more obvious than a white outline, you can barely see it on certain backgrounds. Also, the menu music doesn't loop once you beat the game, not sure what's up with that.
Aside from a few things that could use improving, this game is solid. I really enjoyed the gameplay, each area steadily got better and more difficult without becoming overly so. Really well balanced, I like that. I accidentally skipped the first cutscene because I thought it was another textbox that had to be advanced... kind of odd to have it work like that, but whatever. There were a few other things that bugged me, but I can't remember what they were. Apparently not bad enough for me to remember.
Sorry I keep nitpicking, you said to include that in reviews so I figured I'd share. I still really enjoyed it!

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Yay, made it to 25,000

This game is hilariously simple, and yet, great. Why great? Because Bill Murray's involved. That's all you need, slap his face on there and references to his most successful movies and BAM. Wish there were more bosses, though. I do find it funny how you basically play until you die. Just now I finally got through all the bosses (twice in fact) before finally dying. Good fun.

That was pretty awesome

It was simple, both in visual design and in gameplay, but that's what makes this game work well. There's challenge in many of these encounters, and giving the player infinite tries ensures they stick with it until they figure out how to get past these challenges. Very nice, I enjoyed it.

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Haha (Again Rob? Jeez)

Well, thanks. I just had to download this song. THANKS A LOT, MUFFIN. I like how it starts out so happy, but spirals into sad by the end. Makes me want a LazyMuffin CD, full of bipolar songs that're just guitar and singing about random topics. Is there one already? If not, get on it. Or just keep releasing songs so I can make a playlist out of it at least. SOMETHIN'.
Boy I'm demanding today. Good work though!

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LazyMuffin responds:

If you check, I'm pretty sure all of my songs end up with me sad/crying.
It's a returning motif! Or just me being unoriginal! YOU DECIDE!

Thanks, I'll make more. yes.


Sounds a lot like the version used in Crisis Core, to be honest. Sounds good though. It's funny, I went to listen and then I find out YOU did it, heh. Funny how that works out, eh? Eh.

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Oney responds:

I love little coincidences like that, thanks for listening Rob! ;)

Pretty good song you got here

I have to say, man, I enjoyed this. It's laid back, but still kinda busy. Makes me think it'd be good for an underwater level in some video game or something, you know? It's got that laid back mission appeal to it... at least, as far as I can tell, anyway. Good work.

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That's a pretty awesome power. Obscure, sure, but that's what's awesome about it. Good drawing, though it could use more of a background. BUT THEN AGAIN THIS IS THE CAPTAIN OF NEVER HAVING BACKGROUNDS TALKING HERE. Well I dunno about captain... look, I'm just saying I have a bad habit of not using backgrounds in things. But that's my only critique. That and maybe a SHADE more shading... or something.

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