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Back from vacation

2007-08-23 19:42:59 by Bobert-Rob

Well, I'm back from vacation. Good times, they were. Now it's back to working on animations. Just thought since I told you all I was going, I should tell you all I'm back. Expect something new from me really soon, so many things are on the verge of completion for me.... for now, LOOK AT THIS NAPKIN DRAWING I DID ON THE PLANE! It's not much, but it's alright for a napkin drawing, eh? It's all wrinkly because it was drawn on a napkin, and it got wrinkled like hell before I could scan it. Sorry bout that. Also, I did the edges like that to make it blend with the website more. Thought it'd be neat. And now, back to animating!

Back from vacation

I'm going on vacation

2007-08-14 13:45:56 by Bobert-Rob

I'm going on vacation. I'll be in Arizona from the 15th through the 22nd. It's going to be interesting since I hardly ever go anywhere, especially nowhere near any deserts. Maybe I'll ride a horse with no name and get out of the rain, that'd be fun. And I could look at a dead river and get all sad. Yeah, that sounds like a good time.

So why am I mentioning this here? Why indeed. I guess it's a point of interest, I may or may not have internet access while in Arizona. Just an FYI I suppose. I dunno. For those who might benefit from knowing or something. *stops writing*

I'm going on vacation

Hi everyone, it's me, Bobert-Rob. Some of you may remember me as that one guy who recently contributed to the recent Transformers collab, "Blamformers". Yeah, the super random rant-y one. Well, I have been really busy working on a number of things simultaneously. Now, to show off the fruits of my labor.

I have finally released the RAW Demo Reel of 07! Well, it's less of a demo reel than it is a music video, but the name stays because the purpose of it is to show off the best animation I've done so far. This has been one of the many projects I embarked upon over the summer and it is the first release of a few I will make this month. You can watch it either at Newgrounds or Youtube. Personally, I prefer the Newgrounds version, as it contains the behind-the-scenes info filled scrapbook and the cool preloader, while the Youtube version is just the video itself. I'm not sure which is better quality, as they both look about the same to me, but you never can tell. In any case, if you have 4 minutes to kill, watch it. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next thing I release, which will HOPEFULLY be released sometime soon (I'm shooting for two weeks, but we'll see). It will also be the first time I dabble with game creation, but we'll get into that when I release it.

Oh, and for those wondering when the next episode of Siblings is coming... it'll be another month or two. Sorry, I've been busy multitasking with a million other things. Be patient.

RAW Demo Reel finished and released

Hey, look at that! Newgrounds is looking sleeker and better than ever before, just like I was hoping. Coming to the site with the 'in ur tank upgrading ur features' page was funny, but I'm glad the update is complete. I'm thoroughly enjoying all the new additions, including a lot of stuff I kept thinking this site needed (a few nit picky things, like audio favorites and showing more stats in places). Good fun!

Also, Blamformers, the transformers collab I participated in, has been released! Good jolly fun! And I was co-authored on it, bitchin'! It's a bit long and some bits make no sense (in a bad way), but overall it was an interesting and funny experience.

That's all, at the moment. I need to get back to animating... so many projects, so little time...